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26 Jan

15 ways to be happier at work

Posted in Commercial Refrigeration on 26.01.17 by Merlyn

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Happier staff members perform better at work on almost every measure than those with more negative mindset. By understanding why this should be and what you can do about it, you are armed to develop your own happiness advantage at work. Everyone knows a person who needs a little happiness boost at work. In most cases, the unhappiness comes from your own choices and beliefs about the situation at your workplace.

If you want to become happier at work, one of the things that you can do is to stop waiting for your colleagues who have bad habits and attitudes to change. Everyone has a life story; it’s not for you to tell someone how they should be. If you don’t like their take on life, then don’t feel trapped and find someone else to hang out with. If you don’t like anyone at your work, then find a new place to work.

Secondly, grow your skills. For you to be able to change your routine, don’t get stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. Let your boss know you’re looking forward to a new challenge and more education at work.

In an article published by Business Insider Australia, they presented an interesting infographic that presents the 15 ways to be happier. Check out the full article right here:

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