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11 Aug

4 simple steps to win more customers with your ‘About’ page

Posted in Business News Perth on 11.08.17 by Merlyn

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Today, it is rare to see a business that does not market online. Businesses that are still not using the internet as a marketing platform are missing a ton of opportunities to build brand awareness and to promote their products and services effectively.

One excellent way to market your business is by creating a website. Through your website, your customers can learn about the product and service that you offer as well as your business as a whole. With proper SEO strategies, your website can reach a very wide base of audience that could potentially turn into buying customers.

When you build a business, you must build an ABOUT PAGE. It is the page where you write everything about your business. When you create this page, you naturally want to say about your company. However, this page is not supposed to be all about you. It is really designed to tell your audience more about you and why you are the right person for the job or to create the product or services that your audience needs. So, it’s really about them.

How to win more customers using your About Page? Learn the secrets by reading this article from Flying Solo Australia:

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