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02 Jun

8 No-Sweat Tricks to Clean Any Type of Floor

Posted in Business News Perth on 02.06.17 by Merlyn


Domestic floor cleaning is a tough job, but commercial floor cleaning is even tougher. Why? Domestic and commercial floors can often be the same but in general it is fair to say that a commercial floor will experience greater ‘traffic’. In addition to that, it is also more likely to have heavy objects, such as furniture and equipment, which can cause damage and limit the effectiveness of general cleaning.

The floors of your commercial place can represent a considerable investment so it is important that you take care, look after it properly and to keep it as clean as possible.

Commercial floor cleaning can range from small office or corner shop to a large industrial factory – with the choice of flooring varying as a result. Commercial establishments are an environment that has more people coming and going than almost any domestic environment. Whether be it workers, clients or visitors, delivery men etc, all of these people will bring dirt and grit in on their shoes. This heavy traffic can cause risks for floors such as ceramic, vinyl and wood as it can cause surface scratching which allows grime and bacteria to build up and stain the floor over time.

In order to protect your floors, you need to do some precautions such as placing doormats to reduce dust and dirt, and to regularly clean your floors.

To learn the right tricks on how to clean your floors, check this out:

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