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25 May

Understanding the Green Cleaning Method & Knowing How to Make your own Green Cleaners

Posted in Cleaning on 25.05.14 by Merlyn

Have you ever heard of the newest cleaning method that catching on fast? This trendy cleaning method is called “green cleaning”. Green cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning alternative that a lot of people see as the most useful strategy to implement.

Health reasons and environmental factors are the main reasons why green cleaning so important. Green cleaning is cleaning without using any potentially harmful chemicals. Harmful or hazardous chemicals can sometimes be found, or caused by using commercial cleaning products.

Please check out the video below and learn more benefits of applying the green cleaning method and how to make your own green cleaning products:

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20 May

Essential Cleaning Kits

Posted in Cleaning on 20.05.14 by Merlyn

Most of us enjoy having a clean home and some of us may even enjoy cleaning the home on a regular basis. Cleaning in a clean home make you feel comfortable when living in it. Furthermore, it also has health benefits that should be considered as well.

Dirt is the most unwanted thing you can ever find in your house and it must be eliminated. It can destroy the aestheticism of your home and harm the health of your family. So, you need to make sure that you do regular cleaning.

If you clean your home, it’s important to make sure that you are outfitted properly to perform the task safely. Check out the video below to learn the essential cleaning kits:

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15 May

How to Properly Clean Your Green Swimming Pool

Posted in Cleaning on 15.05.14 by Merlyn

To most homeowners, their swimming pool is a major investment so it should be taken care properly. Knowing how to keep your swimming pool maintained correctly is important and this can be done by regular cleaning.

Regular cleaning can be more effective through the use of chemicals like chlorine, bromine and algaecides to ensure that a swimming pool is clean and contains healthy water. However, you need to have the right chemical balance to free the pool harmful germs and chemicals that can endanger swimmers.

Of course, applying chemicals to the pool is not enough. You also need to remove the visible dirt from the pool using a net. Don’t wait until the dirt develops and turn your swimming pool GREEN so you need to remove them as soon as possible.

However, if your swimming pool is already green, you can still clean it by following the guidelines from the videos below:

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10 Apr

Effective Window Cleaning Tips

Posted in Cleaning on 10.04.14 by Merlyn

Your windows form a big part of the whole outlook of your whole building. Aside from adding aesthetical value to your building, they are also responsible for the ventilation of your building.

However, cleaning your window is one of the most challenging tasks you can experience. Keeping your windows clean is very important because when they’re dirty, they cannot serve their purpose – dirty windows make your house look messy and it cannot give you the ventilation that you need.

There are some easy and effective ways of cleaning your window. Watch the video below to know how:

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05 Apr

Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Posted in Cleaning on 05.04.14 by Merlyn

Your bathroom can be one of the most challenging rooms to clean in your home but it is very important for you to keep it clean and germ-free. When it comes to bathroom, regular care and maintenance is what you need.

Regular cleaning is very important. If you clean your bathroom regularly, you do not have to come into the point when it is extremely dirty. Therefore, you can prevent things from getting worse if you clean your bathroom sooner and more often.

A clean bathroom does not only look great but it will also give you the confidence that your family is less prone to sickness and diseases.

For more cleaning tips, watch the video below:

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28 Mar

Effective Cleaning Guide

Posted in Cleaning on 28.03.14 by Merlyn

For us people, no other place in the world is as beautiful as their home. Your home is the best place where you feel secure and safe. In order to make the best out of your living experience in your home, cleaning is very vital.

However, most of us today fail to clean our living place because of our packed life and hectic work schedules; we do not have time to perform daily tasks at home.

Luckily, there are some easy tips that can help us make our house clean and sparkling. With proper cleaning methods, we can also free our family from the risks of sickness and common diseases.

You can watch the video below for some effective cleaning tips:

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18 Mar

Cleaning Services in Perth

Posted in Cleaning on 18.03.14 by Merlyn

Cleaning companies like Southern Cross Cleaning can offer different cleaning services like sweeping, mopping, trash removing, recycling, high-level window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and hard floor maintenance. There are hundreds of commercial cleaners Perth WA to choose from but how would you choose a cleaning company that can satisfy your needs?

Cleaning Perth

First thing that you should do is to ask referrals from your friends, neighbors or other businessmen, the cleaning company that they referred would surely be great because they would not have referred the company if it weren’t. Check the company’s insurance, you have to make sure that a company is insured so in case any damages were made the cleaning company can pay you back.

In addition to, consider the cost of the service, expensive cleaning service does not mean great results, so you have to compare different company’s cost for services and the quality of the service. You should also check the service hours of the company, that way you can have the service adjusted to the time that would be convenient for you.

Hiring a cleaning company is important so you can maintain a clean home, office, and commercial space without having to clean the place on your own.  And when you hire a company that is reputable, you can ensure that you will be satisfied with their service.

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