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03 Jun

From employee to franchisee with an appetite for business

Posted in Business News Perth on 03.06.16 by Merlyn

Many of us see money to be made from being the owner of their own business. While this can be true, the way to wealth and fortune is a constant struggle and money as well as other rewards comes from hard work.

Of those who have the notion that a business brings you wealth many of them have the idea that they can find success in franchising. They believe that they can find a lot of money and can be obtained with minimum effort which of course is a serious misconception. As with any business, the person in a franchise system that works the hardest with the right goods and or services profits the most.

Let us first define franchising: Franchising is a method of marketing and distributing a company’s goods or services. It involves a contract of fixed duration between two parties, the franchisor or the one who grants to the franchisee a license to market the franchisor’s goods or services using the franchisors business getup and systems; and franchisee who enjoys the right to profit under what is hopefully a proven business system and for the benefit of being involved in a proven system the risk of them losing their investment is less than if they were to start a small business on their own.

With hard work and making the right decisions, anyone can become a successful franchisee. Read this article about a success story by a former employee who become a franchisee of the business she worked for:

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